About us

Help each Member of the BT fitness Community to achieve its goals through professional wellness and an environment conducive to development and quality training. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible who want to practise sport. We are therefore expanding our activities in the broadest sense. We want to develop activities throughout Lithuania.



To become the most attractive sporting organisation in Vilnius, with quality training would enable children to be better athletic and to become even more confident and help professional athletes and adults achieve their goals.

One of the founders of BT fitness and the chief coach, Arunas Klimavicius, was a long-standing professional football player of Lithuanian and European clubs who represented the Lithuanian football team 43 times. After finishing his football career, he had the goal of being close to sport, working with young people, and communicating a healthy lifestyle to all who wanted to. This led to the emergence of BT fitness, which brings together representatives from various sports, children and adults. The team has sports-loving and knowledgeable coaches who are ready to work for their BT fitness client.



BT fitness is a sports organisation set up in early 2022, focusing on children’s athletic training, and helping professional athletes and people promoting healthy lifestyles to achieve their personal goals.